Worshiping The Beast
Keep Tahoe Burgundy

Matt, Teresa, and I went to the "Worshiping The Beast" scooter rally the weekend of October, 4th 2003. The rally was put on by the Burgundy Topz from Sacramento. We were all a bit hesitant wondering if we would be accepted with our twist n' goes. This fear was totally unfounded. The Topz Rock. They welcomed us with open arms. We made quite a few new friends and enjoyed scooting in one of the most spectacular places Lake Tahoe, California.

The rally was quite different from other scooter rallies in that it was a game comprised of three parts.

  • Tasks (Time Trials)
  • Trivia
  • Scavenger Hunt
How to Score
All the stops are mixed to together through out the ride. Each stop has a set of total amount of points, however these points were weighted so that those that chose to do tasks that required more distance traveled received more points. In other words, there are more tasks closer to the start of the ride but they are worth less points that the tasks at the far end of the lake.

We decided to do entire ride around the lake with some members of the Bomb Squad Scooter Crew from Reno, Nevada. Some of the tasks included how to assemble a clutch, remove and check a spark plug. Trivia including questions such as what is the mythical monster in Lake Tahoe and the size and depth of the lake. Scavenger items included pinecones, food condiments and the best souvenir under a $1.

We competed the ride in just over 6 hours. With almost 100 miles traveled. Matt did the entire run on 1 gallon of gas. The other thing to note was that Matt and Teresa were the only people to complete the ride on 50cc scoots. This was a feat in itself. Climbing hills at bone chilling 15 mph.

After the ride we had a meet up at a local bar by the name of "Hoss Hogs", where a wonderful surf band played and awards were given. As it turned out Teresa was the big game winner. Kudos to her and all the other award winners including farthest traveled on scooter to the rally, Best Scooter and poorest performance at a task. Yes Soupcan that was you… "my time" my ass.

All and all this was the best rally we have ever attended. We will definitely make this one again. Click here for the pictures.




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